Hello, my name is Émilie Gagnon.

An Ottawa Fashion and Style Blog - get your style fix! 

Taking risks. In fashion. In work. In travel. With attitude. 

I am Émilie. I am Canadian and currently live in Ottawa. I have lived in 4 cities as an adult. That's in addition to another 6 cities growing up. I am finding my way through fashion, my career, travel and love like a true millennial. 

Fun facts about me: My first language is French. I drink my coffee black. I have an obsession with flipping through magazine pages. I have watched most if not all reality tv shows (talk to me about The Bachelor...we're on!). I speak fluent Spanish. My brain is a gold mine of knowledge on the capitals of the world. I find my therapy in browsing through clothes. I work best when I have a bajillion things to do. I love raspberry and yoghurt gelato. 

I work in content marketing and social media...I help brands build their presence online. So, I decided to do just that with my own brand: Dear Emilie G. You'll have my perspective on taking risks in fashion, work and travel. That's what empowers me and drives me creatively. Join me for the ride!

Get in touch with me via email: emilie.gagnon9@gmail.com

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