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Portfolio: Read more of my work

Portfolio: Read more of my work

Sometimes I write for other companies and publications...

As the marketing specialist at the MFRC-NCR, I have led a few training sessions for the centre's Self Employment Network aimed at uniting entrepreneurs in the National Capital Region who are part of a military family. The network brings together smart, dedicated, knowledge-hungry professionals who are part of the military lifestyle and I had the honour of teaching them some best practices of social media! Here are a few blog posts I wrote to help promote the network and to inspire these entrepreneurs to grow their business! 

Social Media 101: 5 tips to grow your business online

Pitch Perfect: Master your elevator pitch

Also, seeing as this organisation is military affiliated, most posts need to be posted in both official languages. Seeing as I also write in French, I have translated some stories that were written by the community and for the community of military families around Ottawa. 

#SonHistoire: Le jour où j'ai décidé de devenir une femme de militaire

Je suis la mère d'un soldat 

As a happy employee at Banfield - a full-service marketing and communications in Ottawa - I help companies and brands grow their marketing efforts online using social media strategies and content marketing. To empower them to achieve more, I also contribute to the Banfield blog! Here are some of my most recent pieces: 

Give and Take: Influencer Marketing Done Right

On the road for #DigiCanCon: Using live social media to enable transparency at events 

Lessons Learned Live: A Look at Events That Inspire Us

Black Friday Goes Live at Place d'Orléans

Join the Conversation: Risk (Video) 

Additionally, in the past year, I have had the opportunity to produce videos for clients and for a project I co-created called Our Athenas. Here are examples of some of the videos I have produced and am very proud of!

Client: Canadian Mortgage and Housing Coorporation - First Nations Housing 

Youth forum: a place to talk about housing solutions 

Youth learn about home maintenance 

Youth forum: housing challenges and solutions

#OOTD: Texture Mania

#OOTD: Texture Mania

#OOTD: You camo be kidding

#OOTD: You camo be kidding

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